FIVERR - A digital talent earning sourceWe are a group of highly experienced Designers and developers.We are working at various platforms from last 5 years and Have proven skills of Designing and developing .We are here to let you Know the best choice of Designs for your company.We are working on Fiverr and have designed and developed many websites and Also logo, banner, brochures all Graphic Works. Hire us, and You will never wish to leave us. Its for sure.Thanks
" We Design the Vision".

What we are providing on Fiverr: 
          1. Logo Designing :

Vector Logo Design - We use
Adobe Illustrator CCAdobe Photoshop CCCorel Draw X7

                    2. C++/JAVA/HTML/MY SQL/CSS Programming:`

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create Facebook account without phone number

How to create Facebook account without phone number
Once again we are here to bring you latest tricks and hacks on Learn Hacking.This time we will discuss how to create Facebook accounts without using phone no and correct email address.
Yes there are lot of methods to do this but i will discuss most easy ones.Here we go

Temporary email :

We can get temporary email address for some time and then using that email address we can create Facebook account and then after verifying that account just remove that email address.Enjoy as many accounts as you can.As we know that accounts not verified with phone no or email address are removed by Facebook.So we verify email and then we can verify fake phone no to create Verified Facebook account.

To get virtual phone no Please read this post

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Here are few links to get Temporary email address

10 minutes mailTemp-mailGet air mailThrow away mailMint email

Hack To earn money using Facebook :

Hacking does not means using things for Illegal activit…

Top hacking software to start hacking

Hacking Software's

Everyone can not become programmer to Learn hacking.There are few ready made hacking software's in market to use and start your journey towards hacking.There are lot of hacking software's but we will discuss latest and free one's.Here we go

What to use :

Mostly people try to find hacking related software's for windows.There are couple of software which work on windows like n map,key loggers etc but they do not provide professionalism.To use free and full version software's we have to move towards Linux as it is more secure and provides you more functionalities.

Which Linux version to use :

You can start hacking with any Linux operating system but why not to choose a OS which has builtin functionalities you need.

Kali linux :

Yes it is the first thing and last thing you will need to start hacking.It has builtin programs so you do not need to download them manually.You can find tons of tutorials on youtube and for advance level hacking.


top hacking forums

Top hacking forums/websites/groups
Want to learn hacking then you have to be part of groups full of hackers and crackers.It is very difficult to search best hacking related groups but Learn Hacking is back again with awesome information about hacking groups.

You can download cracked software's,nulled themes,Premium accounts,latest hacks and every thing you want.

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List of latest best hacking forums/websites

Best black hat forum

To signup click here

The botnet forum

To signup click here

Romanian security team

To signup click here

Black hat world

To signup click here

There are lot of groups/forums/websites related to hacking but these are best one and if you find we are missing any good hacking forum then please inform us and we add it here so other's can take advantage of it.

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telenor internet package 2g/3g 2015

Best Telenor internet package 2g/3g 2015

Everyone wants to enjoy fast internet at affordable price.All 3g packages are costly.We brought you
Cheapest and Best telenor internet package 2g/3g 2015.Yes you can enjoy 1Gb internet in only 8 RS and no tax.

Lot of you guys would have listened about this package and now they think it is over as Ramadan is over but case is different my friends.You can still enjoy Ramadan offer and enjoy internet for less money.

To activate Ramadan internet package dial *345 *139# at 8 RS.

I GB from 1 am till 7 pm.

how to know fake id in facebook

Easy way to know fake id in Facebook :
Lot of people are using fake Facebook id's on girl's name and they are trolling lot of people.Now it's your time to troll them back.Yes once again Learn Hacking brings you a trick to catch these people and start trolling them.The method to  know fake id in Facebook is very simple just follow simple steps and enjoy.
We posted a method to get ip address of Facebook user earlier as well but lot of visitors were unable to utilize that method as it was a bit difficult so we are posting this method how to know fake id in Facebook and you can know ip address of Facebook users with this method as well.

First of all create g mail account if you don't have.
Now go to blogger and create a blog with any name ( I prefer you to use blogger as it is easier to handle and people trust blogs and they click on links without hesitation . you can also choose free hosting websites but blogger is best option)

Now create any post just write three or four…

make facebook account hack proof

How to make Facebook account hack proof
Lot's of Facebook accounts are blocked daily because they are fake accounts.Some people report your Facebook account and photo verification / photo tag is applied on your Facebook id .Sometimes you use auto likes or auto follow apps and your accounts get blocked.We brought you trick to get rid of reports and photo verification.Even if you have fake account just follow these steps and get your id secure.

Email address : 
Always use email address on your Facebook account.Lot's of time the only option to recover Facebook account is through email address.

Facebook Apps :
Mostly Facebook accounts are deactivated due to illegal use.We share our access token with these apps and they start posting on our behalf.Many times they use our account for giving followers and likes to their customers and when Facebook finds suspicious activity on your account they apply photo verification to conform whether it's you or someone else who is using your a…